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Python Noobs' let's make this happen!

Back to Basics. Let's start with the basics, get the brain going. Starting with the Python programming language, documentation and downloads.

Make your choice. Make a wise choice... "you chose wisely"; over on the Python Downloads. Introduction to Formatting, we will touch on the Python. This section will cover it all, basics-to-advanced including methods, and the most comprehensive python collection/library out there. Don't quote us on that, we are just trying to get you the information, in a consumeable fashion. Feel free to add to the site! We will make that available in the next go around, post BETA.

File Handling, Modules and More

We continue with File Handling, Modules (additional modules), Mayplotlib and more. It may be time to look into PyCharm.

Pycharm via Jet Brains as an IDE (integrated development environment) to run your own Python environment, editor and console "designed by programmers, for programmers"We've also recommended JupyterLab, Jupyter Notebook is used in a ton of online businesses (O'Reilly, Anaconda, Rackspace), businesses and online media among other IDEs available. Make a choice, best choice.

MySQL, DB's...

We move into MySQL, Database manipulation and those of you 'non-database' folks we run through MongoDB.

Included in this section, we will cover MySQL, Non-SQL, Machine Learning and all the DB stuff you can handle; get your fill!

Get Started

Dive right in, let's get started! We have 4 options to choose from, Containers, Basics, Advanced and Reference. Let's start with the containers classes.

Hello World Py

Hello World

"Hello World" classic... Learn about single/multi-line comments, printing strings and more.

Don't forget, you can use the local command line application native to your machine to run Python. Before you do, be sure to check out the Python.org Documentation, Downloads, and Installation process. Jump start your Python development today. Nothing but a good Ole' "Hello World" testcase and our first BurmPy Gist


Numbpy Module

We explore modules, starting with Numbpy; import, create and process with modules.

First module we will cover is numbpy. We'll import numpy, create a varaiable for numbpy and create an array using the numbpy module. Modules are fun, there are plenty more. We will cover the basics and more here on Burmpy.com.

De-dup Image


We will cover functions, functions including those to remove duplicates.

Super helpful for when you have a list with multiples and/or "dups". We need to sanitize the dups, removing the extra data and proceed with our development process. This is again helpful, when your development process requires 1 value, without duplicates. "De-dup" de-duplication... fun

Machine Learning/AI

Train & Test

Machine Learning - train & test. Wait, wait did you say, Machine Learning?

Yeah, that's right we will cover Python Machine Learning: training and testing data for polynomial regression. We can evaluate data, create models and forecast in which Python could predict outcomes and measure accuracy or proficency. Cool right?

Let's Jump In

We are providing educational resources for those who want to learn more about Python, how to use Python and act as a reference for future Python work. Give us a try, train yourself, at your pace, creating another positive data point of value in your development toolkit.